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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at the Allianz Arena, we receive dozens of questions and requests for information every day. In response to the enormous public interest, we've updated our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Please note that e-mails we receive relating to topics covered by this FAQ section will not be answered.

You will also find comprehensive information and facts about the Allianz Arena in the Facts & Figures section of the site. If you are still unable to find the information you require, please feel freee to contact us by e-mail, and we'll do our best to answer your query.
Opening times
When is the Allianz Arena open?
ArenaTours and FC Bayern Erlebniswelt: 10.00 18.00 daily
Arena bistro: 10.00 18.00 daily
Arena shop: 10.00 18.00 daily
Matchdays: The stadium opens 2 hours before Bayern home games, 2 hours before TSV 1860 home games.
The World of Brands is closed, and guided tours do not operate, on days featuring an event.
How do I buy match tickets for the Allianz Arena?
Please consult the Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich home pages. Stadium operator Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH is not responsible for match ticket sales.
What should we bear in mind before a trip to the Allianz Arena?
Consult the Stadium section of the site for comprehensive information regarding routes to the stadium, and orientation once you arrive. Please note that the stadium operates a cashless payment system, the ArenaCard.
How do I use an ArenaCard?
This chip card is used in place of cash at the Allianz Arena. It has several functions and cannot be refunded if lost. The ArenaCard can be used as an annual season ticket, but its main purpose is for payment and parking. The card can be topped up at various points within the Allianz Arena.

How can I have my balance refunded?
  • The remaining balance can be refunded in the ticket canyon up to two hours after the end of the match.
  • While pre-ordering tickets for TSV 1860 Munich home games in the ticket canyon.
  • By post: Please send your ArenaCard to Allianz Arena Payment GmbH, Werner-Heisenberg-Alle 25, 80939 München. A processing charge of 1 will be subtracted from your refund.
    Arena Tours
    Can I take a guided tour of the Allianz Arena?
    Tours lasting approximately 75 minutes for groups or individual visitors take place daily, and start with a film on the development of the Allianz Arena. After that there is a guided tour taking in the changing rooms, the tunnel, the interior rooms, the press club, the upper tier and a pitchside visit. Tours are organised and operated by our exclusive events service provider Arena One GmbH. Please refer to the Arena Tours section of this site, and address booking enquiries to besucher@arena-one.com. Enquires sent to any other mail address will not be answered.
    Seating plans
    How many seats are convertible into standing areas?
    9,077 seats in each of the north and south stands are convertible into standing terrace areas using a folding mechanism, with each folded seat providing just over one standing place. So when standing terraces are in use, the capacity of the Allianz Arena rises to 71,137 - 24,537 in the lower tier, 23,634 in the middle tier and 21,592 in the upper tier, where the extremely steep gradient of 34 degrees means standing will not be possible. The top row of seating is 39 metres above pitch level.
    Playing surface
    How is problem of pitch maintenance solved at the Allianz Arena?
    The Arena has been carefully designed to allow sufficient sunlight and airflow for the playing surface. The roof is constructed from pneumatic panels made of transparent and translucent ETFE laminate. This material is an exceptionally good conductor of light between 400 and 660 nm (a UV transparency of 98%), allowing the grass to grow normally. The wind, no matter which direction it comes from, blows into the body of the stadium over the first tier of seats, sweeping across the field of play. The exterior cross-section and the lower edge of the second seating tier combine to function as ventilation nozzles, ensuring the pitch is well aired. In comparison to the other seating areas, the first tier is constructed at a very low level, creating a so-called laminar airflow. The pitch is laid on a scientifically designed base layer and the grass itself, a variety engineered to withstand heavy use and thrive in shadow, ensures an optimal playing surface.
    Parking at the Allianz Arena
    How many car, bus and coach parking spaces are available?
    The four four-storey car parks under the Esplanade provide parking for 9,800 cars (max. height 2.0 metres). There are 350 bus and coach parking spaces, 240 to the north of the Arena and 110 to the south of the Esplanade.
    Getting to the stadium
    How do fans reach the stadium from the car parks and the underground station?
    All visitors reach the stadium itself via the Esplanade, a roof of waves, curves and ripples over the car parks measuring 543 metres by 136 metres and landscaped to blend in with the prevailing heath vegetation of the surrounding area. Spectator routes emerge directly from the car parks, the bus parking and via a short transition route from the Fröttmaning underground station. So-called Fan Canyons are cut lengthways into the Esplanade, housing retail facilities and 55 ticket kiosks, with a full and uninterrupted view of the Arena from within the Canyons.
    The pitch
    What are the pitch dimensions at the Allianz Arena?
    The field of play measures 105 x 68 metres (115 x 74 yards). Overall, the stadium floor measures 120 x 83 metres (131 x 91 yards). The front seating rows are 7.50 metres from the pitch.
    Lighting systems at the Allianz Arena
    How is the outer shell illuminated?
    1,056 (of 2,760) illuminated panels (in white, red or blue)
    Total area lit: 25,500 square metres
    4,250 individual lights
    Each panel has 4 identical lights (installed in pairs between two lens shaped panels)
    25,344 long-life fluorescent tubes with a lifespan of 8,000 hours
    Total power: approx. 1.47 MW
    Each 3.5 m long lamp unit contains 6 long-life fluorescent tubes (58W) and 3 starters
    Red, blue and transparent lenses in each unit allow colour changes
    An asymmetric parabolic mirror ensures uniform illumination of each panel - max. luminance 3000 cd/square metre
    Consumption when fully lit: 506 KWh
    Façade lighting required 100 km cabling
    Electricity for the stadium is supplied by 5 transformers
    Lighting colour changes extend over two minutes to avoid incidents on the motorway
    Allianz Arena logo mounted on north and south sides:
    12 blue and white illuminated letters each weighing 250-500 kg
    Composition: steel, tin, aluminium, transparent plastic
    Largest LED display in Europe (100,000 individual LEDs)
    How powerful is the floodlighting equipment?
    The floodlighting (supplied by Philips, Type: Arena Vision, MVF 403) is rated at over 1,000 LUX, and 1,500 LUX from the orientation of the main camera position. FIFA regulations for the FIFA World Cup demand a minimum of 1,000 LUX at every point on the pitch.
    Are all the seats and standing areas covered?
    Yes, every spectator is protected from the elements. The complex roof structure, with a total surface area of 65,500 square metres, is created out of 2,760 0.2 mm thick ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) laminate panels on a steel supporting structure. The roof is 98% UV transparent and is self-cleaning. Every panel has a transparent inner. The panels forming the facade have a translucent white outer, but the roof panels are completely transparent, allowing sunshine and light to fall onto the pitch.
    Video screens
    Does the Arena feature display panels, scoreboards or a video cube?
    There are two display panels within the stadium, installed at the north and south ends, neither of which will interrupt viewing or sight lines in any way whatsoever.
    Executive facilities
    Does the Arena offer executive suites and boxes, a feature not available at the Olympic stadium?
    There are 106 executive suites between the middle and upper tiers accommodating 1,374 guests, with a further 2,200 Business Seats. 1,200 VIP parking spaces are provided at the stadium itself, where the team buses also arrive and depart.
    Research material
    Where can I find detailed study material for my thesis or project?
    We do not publish specific study materials about the Allianz Arena.
    Werner Heisenberg
    Why was Werner-Heisenberg-Allee chosen as the official postal address?
    The man after whom the street is named was not a footballer, but rather a famous German atomic physicist and Nobel prize winner. Werner Heisenberg studied in Munich before becoming Professor of Physics at Leipzig University in 1927, where he was a prime mover in the development of quantum theory. He was awarded the 1933 Nobel prize for physics in recognition of his work on quantum mechanics.